Photography for a long time and for a long time entered our daily life because it is the best way to visualize it.

Photography allows us to go back in time and relive the important moments of our lives, including the reminder of the past journey.

Booking a transfer in the company "AVEKScar" you can also order and photography.

You can enjoy photography together with the Shuttle service when visiting the castles, parks and zoos, shopping outlets, and just when you make your reservation to the desired address.

We take photos in everyday life, when you travel to the Czech Republic and its attractions. Performing transfer representative of our company will carry out your photography in everyday life, without staged scenes, images and scenery.

The cost of photography will be 650 Kč (25 €). If it is required to carry out photography in the territory, the passage of which is carried out for a fee, the cost of the passage of the representative of the company is additionally paid.